Energy Vampires? Grounding? Confused? 🀯

Energy Vampires? Grounding? Confused? 🀯

If i'm honest with you, I don't ground myself as regularly as I should be and it's a terrible habit to get into. πŸ™ˆ

I can feel blergh, more emotional than usual (i'm a Scorpio), super tired and lack any motivation to do anything. Do you ever feel the same?

This is often due to our energy and aura being out of balance, which can happen if you're spreading yourself too thin, feeling anxious or overwhelmed or even hanging out with people who may be 'energy vampires'.
These could be our friends, family or even work colleagues, who may unintentionally be feeding off our compassionate and caring natures, leaving us feeling drained and tired.

In order to prevent anyone or anything from stealing our zest for life, we have to protect ourselves. πŸ™…πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

When we talk about 'grounding', what do we mean?

It means reconnecting our own energy to Mother Earth's. This helps take us back to the present; the here and now. It can calm a racing mind, help settle the anxiety creeping in and create a spiritual barrier around ourselves, stopping anything from upsetting our energies.

My dad likes to walk outside barefoot, to feel the grass between his unmanicured toes, to breathe deeply into his belly and to connect with nature. It's actually such a calming and lovely way of balancing our energies and bring us back to the present.

A quick-ish grounding meditation I like to do in the shower is:

I close my eyes and take a few deep breathes. I imagine small white roots growing from the soles of my feet, and with every breathe I take, the roots get thicker and longer, penetrating the ground beneath my feet.

I imagine every drop of water nourishing my roots and as they get thicker, the colour changes and they become stronger and greener.

They spread wider and deeper, pushing their way through the different layers of the Earth.
Through the crust, through the mantle and the outer core, until they reach the inner core. A magnificent bright light. As soon as my roots reach the core, a shiver runs through me and I know i'm nearly finished.
I imagine this powerful light energy getting absorbed back through my roots, and with every breath, the light gets closer and closer to the soles of my feet. Once it reaches me, I breathe the energy into every part of my being, my calves, my peachy bum, my tummy, my arms and all the way up to my head. I feel heavy and strong and like my feet are tied to the ground.

The last thing I do, is imagine a big purple zip, starting at my feet, going all the way up to my head. This creates a shield of protection around me, making me feel safe and ready to start my day, knowing nobody is going to steal my zest today!

Let us know your grounding techniques! We love trying out new ways ❀︎


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