About Us

We would like to thank you for being here with us today, it means the world that you have connected with us at The Crystal Cube. 

Us, the co-founders, two sisters, also known now as The Crystal Cubers, welcome you to this space. Passionate soul sisters that have a fascination for crystals and their energetic properties, which has led us to intuitively seek further knowledge on their properties and uses.

How could a crystal, tiny or large, be able to support you in grounding yourself, help you feel more balanced and comfortable in your own skin and stop you from second guessing every thought that popped into your mind? 

If you had asked us this a few years ago, we probably would have been sceptical and questioned it. However, after personal experiences and the inner work with using these stones during meditation, self talks, performing rituals of smudging the home to dispel any negative or stagnant energy and expanding our spiritual knowledge in general, they have now become a significant part of our lives. 

Our mission is to be able to share with you, our customers, how the energy of crystals has transformed us as human beings, from our relationships with others, ourselves and the world. As well as their metaphysical properties, the beautiful natural vibrant colours and how they are formed are also what we can resonate with. 

All our crystals are cleansed and charged using Reiki and the Moon energy. We ensure our packaging is ecologically sourced and packed with recycled materials and biodegradable material. We thrive to give back as Mother Nature gives us these incredible crystals. All products are sourced fairly and we take the utmost care in providing you with high quality crystals that we are drawn to. 

With a passion for all things crystals, we have combined our intuition and knowledge to provide a space where we can share our spirit and love and to vibrate the energy we want to attract.

Sending love and light, we hope you have a pleasant journey shopping with us



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