Crystals for animals. Clear Quartz for cats

Can you really use crystals on your pets?

Since I was 5 years old, we've always had a pet in the house. How crazy is that? (I'm 31 now) 

We had a rabbit, a dog, 2 cats, then another 2 cats, 1 more cat, 1 dog and then another dog and have been blessed with the most amazing farm, with so many different characters that I can't imagine it being any other way.

Safi, our first Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, was extremely intuitive. When we had people come round and visit us, she could sense peoples energy. It sounds crazy I know, but she would always bark at 1 particular person, she never liked them. Every time she was around them, she was on edge, alert! We could never understand why, until many years later, their true character was revealed and we had a light bulb moment. It all made sense, she wasn't crazy after all. 

You see it in movies all the time, dogs licking and playing with the hero in the film, but growling at the baddy. "Obviously its not real🙄", but it wasn't until we had our own experience, did we realise just how in-tune with energy dogs truly are. 

Enjoying our time together and creating amazing memories, teaches us how to love unconditionally, but unfortunately, also teaches us how to deal with the unavoidable passing of our fur-babies. 

It doesn't get any easier, and your heart really does hurt.

Throughout recent years of exploring all things crystals, we have been able to use what we've learnt and apply it to our farm.

A few crystals that may help your farm too:

Amethyst: 💜

  • Releases chilled vibes, which can calm an anxious dog
  • Clears negative energy away
  • Encourages a couch potato to be more energetic 

Rose Quartz: 💖

  • Great for a dog who may be lonely/stressed 
  • Helps your dog feel loved
  • Extremely comforting stone and can help your heart accept the loss of a fur baby

Rainbow Fluorite: 💜💚💙

  • Excellent crystal for animals suffering from cancer
  • Known to help with physical pain and healing 
  • Can help ease digestive problems and improve digestion

Black Obsidian: 🖤

  • Helps soothe nervous and lonely animals, who experience seperation anxiety, especially when left home alone 
  • Can help promote creativity, which means your pup can learn new tricks more easily
  • Can help increase their perception and strength 

Sodalite: 💙

  • Helps calm aggressive and reactive dogs
  • Boosts self esteem in defensive dogs, enabling them to feel calmer and less on edge
  • Can help soothe female energy levels throughout their cycle

Clear Quartz: 🤍

  • Known as the 'Master Healer' Clear Quartz it's extremely versatile
  • Can alleviate inflammation in the body 
  • Clear Quarts can absorb negative emotions and amplify other crystal energies


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