New Years Resolutions - Good thing or Bad?

New Years Resolutions - Good thing or Bad?

It's the first week of 2024 and I don't know if i'm coming or going to be honest. Can I still eat cheese and crackers for brunch?🧀  Can I finish that last bottle of Mulled wine?🍷  Do I start making my overnight oats again? 🥣

It can get pretty confusing in my head! And to top it all off, NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS! 

Usually at this time of the year, I have already come up with a few new rules for myself:

- Start healthy eating 
- Go to the gym at least 3 times a week
- Stick to a strict work schedule 
- Wake up early 
- Get my 10k steps in a day 

All the above look great and achievable at first glance, but when paired with a hectic home life, house full of crazy barking dogs and other priorities, these can be pushed down the list and the pressure you put on yourself to keep them going, can be overwhelming. 

Instead of just finding things to change in your life, why not concentrate on those things that you're proud of and would like to keep the same?

- Those 5 minutes extra in bed you have before you need to get up for work to reflect on what your days going to look like?
- Spending time with your kids in the morning while you make breakfast for them, running round making sure they have everything for school?
- Enjoying your morning coffee outside in the garden, while you ground yourself, ready for the day ahead. 
- That hour you use to spend doodling in the evening, to decompress from the day you've had. 

Yes, change can be good, setting goals is important, but reminding ourselves that we are doing an amazing job as we are and that we are enough is just as, if not more valuable to our self worth and for our mental being. 

 Practicing mindfulness can be super simple. Don't overthink it. 

  1. Sit comfortably anywhere in your house, even on the loo (no judgement)
  2. You can choose to close your eyes, or keep them open.
  3. Breathe
  4. Concentrate on your next breathe
  5. Are you breathing through your nose or your mouth?
  6. Is it coming from your tummy or your chest?

Repeat this for a few minutes everyday ❤

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This really resonated with me. I’ve always enjoyed the little things and found the glimmers each day, sometimes I think too much time/energy is given to the big things. Thank you for such a lovely read x

Carly Stevens

I 100% agree with you, cherish the simple things in life!! Great piece x

Lee Neville

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