Green Optical Calcite Rough
Green Optical Calcite Rough
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Green Optical Calcite Rough

Green Optical Calcite Rough

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✭ Green Optical Calcite Rough

Chakra: Heart

⭐ Help stimulate creative thoughts
⭐ Heal and strengthen bones and teeth
⭐ Clear and detoxify your mind and body

 Green Calcite gets its green colour through chlorite that gets trapped during the crystallization period. 

Optical Calcite has a double refraction, which is believed to amplify and strengthen the energies. It is an amazing crystal to meditate with as it supports you spiritually.  

It is the perfect crystal to take you through your journey of self discovery. It helps you embrace yourself, love your flaws and imperfections and move forward in your journey with your head held high. 

It has a loving calm energy that can dissolve negativity and bring fun and positive vibes. 

Did you know?
Green Calcite can be used in prosperity spells! It can attract wealth, abundance and prosperity into you life and home or into your business.  

Each crystal will be cleansed and charged with Reiki Energy before being sent out to you. If you would prefer us not to do this, then please drop us an email with your request.

All stones are unique and will differ slightly in size and shape. The colours are 100% natural and they are one-off pieces.

Size - Approx 2.5cm-5cm. 

You will receive an intuitively picked Calcite. Please add a note at check out if you would like a specific size or colour.

 They are the perfect size to keep in your pocket or hold in your hand. The colours are 100% natural.

All crystals are photographed to the best of our ability to show their true colours, however, due to the nature of the item, colours may differ slightly.