Pyrite Tumbled Stone
Pyrite Tumbled Stone
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Pyrite Tumbled Stone

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✭ Pyrite Tumbled Stone

Chakra: Solar Plexus


Also known as ‘Fools Gold’, look like sparkly nuggets of gold!

They are the perfect crystal to attract money, success and abundance. It is also however a strong protection and grounding stone. It protects you from negative energy or vibrations that may try to disturb you physically, emotionally or try to unbalance your aura.

These tumbled stones are all unique, naturally formed and then been polished into beautiful tumbled gems. 

These tumbled stones will be intuitively hand-picked & sent with love. They are the perfect size and shape to keep in your pocket or hold in your hand.

Size and shape may vary. Price is per stone.
Approx size: 2cm-3cm.

Copper bowl NOT included 

Each crystal will be cleansed and charged with Reiki energy before being sent out to you. If you would prefer us not to do this, then please drop us an email with your request. 

All crystals are photographed to the best of our ability to show their true colours, however, due to the nature of the item, colours may differ slightly. 

What is Pyrite?

Pyrite is a crystal connected to your solar plexus, which is located in between your ribcage and belly button. It lights a fire in your belly, to help burn through any negative thoughts or procrastination, allowing you to create and share your amazing ideas and gifts with the world.

Keep your pyrite near your work station or office to invite prosperity and wealth.